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TEEP THIS - An American Blog About Thai Boxing.

''Illuminating the worlds most devastating martial art through the personal journeys of amateur and professional Muay Thai fighters.''

Charles Little ll - CEO/Founder/Creative Director

The podcast is available through the TeepThis Website which you can click on the image below  TeepThis Website

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Need help deciding what gear to choose for your Muay Thai journey?

Muay Thai Citizen is a great source of education. We stumbled across this site and found a gem. We would like to share this valuable source with you. 

Encompassing gear reviews, Thai travel tips, fight news, and also exclusive features such as brand spotlight, gym reviews, and interviews. More exciting plans are in store for the site and it’s only going to get even better from here. Whether you are a Muay Thai newbie or a seasoned Nak Muay, whether you train for fitness or to compete, hopefully you will find something inspiring, cool or helpful here on this site. Click below to visit the citizens site:

Muay Thai Citizen

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